ROTEAM: roof quality solutions

To complete  its services portfolio, Roteam also provides finishes works related to roofs.  This brings added value to our customers and the feeling of  a one-stop-shop for a wide range of  quality roof services.

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Green is the color of the future, even in the constructions field. So Roteam’s decision to join this new trend became a must several years ago. Our professionals are trained to deliver green energy (Photovoltaic panels) projects and green roofs.

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Being the base of our field of expertise, we have the capacity to deliver quality projects both in the field of phonic and thermal insulation. Our project portfolio and expertise covers the entire range of insulation products available on the market.

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Rain is a constant in Belgium and this is an additional reason for us to provide top-notch waterproofing solutions for the most demanding constructions and clients. We use several technologies, depending on the type of the project.

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Why choose Roteam as your partners in roof quality solutions:

Certified professionals

We have a VCA** certification which indorses Roteam as a company of security, health and welfare on sites. In a short period of time we have gained VCA** from VCA*, a fact which enables us to deliver quality projects to important clients.

Competitive prices

ROTEAM's flexibility together with its thought-through management allows it to allocate its teams in a very efficient way, so that it consumes less resources and, thereby, maintains its prices at a very competitive level while maximising the value of the services provided to its clients and partners.

Zero accidents on our sites

This not only means that we are precocious, but we also care about our people and we dedicate time and energy to learn and respect all the necessary security procedures.

Multiple specialties and diversified expertise

Besides demonstrating extreme flexibility, most of ROTEAM's 30-plus workers have over 20 years of experience in the insulation and waterproofing sectors. As well as their knolwedge acquired on the field, they also often attend trainings in order to improve their techniques and develop new ones.

We are always ready

Night shifts, long weekends, bad weather: this is our working routine. We earned a good place on the market by pampering our clients with almost immediate availability and working in rough conditions.


Although we are a family business, we deliver 150.000+ of sqm annually and our partners are the most prolific players on the Belgian market.