Green solutions

Green solutions

Green is the color of the future, even in the constructions field. So Roteam’s decision to join this new trend became a must several years ago. Our professionals are trained to deliver green energy (Photovoltaic panels) projects and green roofs.  

After a long study market, Roteam has decided to create a new division of “Green Quality Solutions”. These services take into consideration the latest trend on the construction market regarding sustainability and efficiency. In the past years we delivered green energy related projects and also green roofs, thus gaining more experience into the field of “ecologic roofs”.

1. Photovoltaic panels

At the beginning of the year 2009 our company has started to install Uni-solar photovoltaic panels glued on the roof covering and up to the present the surfaces installed have reached 60,000 m² (the equivalent of approximately 3.5 MWp). Uni-solaris the perfect combination between a very resistant roof covering and silicium photovoltaic amorphous cells. The low weight (less than 4 kg /m²), high flexibility and perfect esthetic integration represent Uni-solar’s most important advantages.

2. Green roofs

Green roofs have been made by depositing topsoil or other growth media on flat roofs and seeding them (or allowing them to self-seed as nature takes its course). Maintenance in the form of simple visible inspection and removal of larger rooting plants has allowed these roofs to be successful in that they provide an excellent covering and UV light barrier for the roof waterproofing membrane.



Although we are a family business, we deliver 150.000+ of sqm annually and our partners are the most prolific players on the Belgian market.