Being the base of our field of expertise, we have the capacity to deliver quality projects both in the field of phonic and thermal insulation. Our project portfolio and expertise covers the entire range of insulation products available on the market, therefore our clients will feel comfortable we will be able to deliver upon any technical requirements.

When it comes to buildings, two main types of insulation exist: phonic insulation (aka. acoustic insulation) and thermal insulation. The first one aims at avoiding the spread of noise, the second one aims at limiting heat transfers between a hot environment and a cold environment. In construction, the main objectives are to increase comfort and, more importantly, to diminish energy losses.

1. The Rockwool

Material obtained by the melting and fibring of basaltic rock, this mattress of entangled wool gives a perfect thermic and acoustic insulation. It also has the characteristic of protecting against fire while resisting to water. Finally, its flexibility allows it to be easily used on irregular surfaces.

2. The cell glass

Composed of carbon and glass, it contains an inert gas in its microcells that provides it with its thermic insulation capacity. Moreover, this material resists to humidity, is noninflammable and keeps its characteristics on a very long term.

3. The polyurethane

This alveolar structure contains an insulating gas and insures a good thermic and acoustic insulation. Furthermore, it resists to humidity and is available in panels, foam and muffs.



Although we are a family business, we deliver 150.000+ of sqm annually and our partners are the most prolific players on the Belgian market.