Roteam: Strategy

Our Strategy

Throughout the past 7+ years, Roteam’s goal was to become a dependable provider of roof solutions both for major companies / subcontractors and for medium and small projects. We managed to form a versatile team of professionals that can cope with almost any unpredictable situation or site condition.

Our strategy for the following years (2017-2020) is built around the concept of organic growth, using Roteam’s internal resources. Thus, our approach is split in 4 linked directions:

  1. Market positioning: Fully satisfying our traditional contractors while engaging in new, exciting projects, should be a top priority for Roteam in the next years.
  2. Deepening expertise: We aim to get involved in more complex project, delivering integrated services for clients from various industries and markets.  
  3. Expansion in green solution: The future is green and as the potential on this domain is promising for the following years, we want not only to follow this trend, but to become pioneers on this field.
  4. Maintenance services: Regardless of the type of roof you possess, maintenance is a critical part of ensuring the durability of your investment. We provide also maintenance services for both residential and industrial buildings, which include periodical inspections, cleaning and technical inspection of the most vulnerable points of the roof.


Our Values

Excellence, commitment, quality, adaptability, measured performance, zero accidents.

ROTEAM’s vision is

to ensure that everyone in Belgium has a quality roof and imperviousness over their head.

Therefore, ROTEAM’s mission is…

…to provide roof quality solutions to both enterprises and private individuals with the best price and within the best time limits.